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In short the history of our family foundation
It all started with Dirk Jan Millenaar from Hilversum (The Netherlands). He started with the making of the family tree. He spend years of his life to find back our 'roots'. The outcome is that ALL Millenaars are relatives. Our family tree even goes back to the year 1410 (Frans Millenaer).

Our family finds his origin in a place called the ‘Millenaarspolder’; now known as the 'land of Heusden en Altena' in the Netherlands. If you click on the below (map) thumb nail you will find a push pin marking the root of our family tree.

Millenaar Polder  wpe9


After some years of searching, Dirk Jan needed help to organize all the information that he had found so far. At that time he started with some relatives the Millenaar foundation. People can now get access to that information via this web site. Their is an option to buy, at production cost, a printed version of our Genealogy Pedigree.

The foundation is officially registered by 'the chamber of Merchandise and Fabrics' at Hilversum (The Netherlands) under number


Activities of the foundation of the family Millenaar

  1. The Millenaers Koerier. A bi-annual newsletter that is available for download at this site. If you subscribe yourself on our mailing list we will send you an Email notice when new versions become available.
  2. Reunions. Each five years we hold a reunion for all relatives. The next one will be in September or October 2015 in Holland. (See the pictures of the recent reunion on this Site)
  3. The family tree. To keep it ‘up-to-date’ we need your cooperation. We want to know when someone married; we would like to know your offspring; when somebody has died or whatever we need to keep for the family tree as up to date as possible. This can't be done without your help.

Thank you for visiting our homepage.

On behalf of the foundation,


Pieter en Ria Millenaar
Rijswijk (The Netherlands).